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Palos Verdes Environmental Testing

Sewage in the crawl can affect your indoor air quality

Have you ever looked in your crawl space? Most people never look or want to look. This image was taken at a Palos Verdes indoor air quality inspection. The wet area is sewage and it will affect your indoor air quality. If you are purchasing a home in Palos Verdes or any other house in the surrounding area, have an environmental inspection performed as well as a home inspection. Not all home inspectors perform radon testing, indoor air quality testing, lead panit testing, mold or asbestos testing. They usually refer their clients to us to perform the environmental testing.

If you already are in a house and have strange smells or symptoms, allergies, or suspect you may have lead paint in your home, we can help. We can test for most environmental issues and complete an easy to read report for you. Contact us at 310-396-6532 to schedule your Palos Verdes environmental inspection today.

Environmental Inspection Services provides Mold Testing, Asbestos Testing, Radon Testing, Indoor Air Quality Test, Lead Paint Testing in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Palos Verdes and surrounding cities. We offer both residential and commercial environmental inspections by highly trained inspectors who provide value and a cost effective service. Please call 310-396-6532 for a quote.